You’ve probably spent some time in a Hudson Built project without even knowing it. We’ve worked on so many residential and commercial sites in Colorado, that it would be hard to live here long without setting foot in, or at least driving by, some of our construction.

If you haven’t already seen our work in person—we’d love to give you a tour! But if you can’t stop by, please browse our gallery by clicking on any of the categories to the left.

Our beginnings are in large property development, and we’ve spent over 60 years perfecting our craft from the ground up. Beginning with thoughtful site reviews, we’ve identified and constructed sites for a variety of uses, from commercial to residential.

New Construction
The principles and methods of construction get better all the time, thanks to sustainable building practices and energy saving solutions. Taking the most up-to-date resources, we have constructed some of the Front Range’s most innovative properties.

Some of the most thrilling construction-related work comes in the form of a remodel or renovation—taking something old and outdated, and transforming it into something functional and sustainable while preserving the charm of the original property. Having been in business on the Front Range for decades, we understand how building design and style evolves in this area—who better to partner with you on a remodel?

Building on the Front Range demands that ALL properties, from residential to industrial, support sustainable practices, and blend to complement the natural beauty of our surroundings. Our commercial properties are designed and built to foster those community values, while creating functional spaces for a variety of industries. We specialize in restoration, redevelopment, tenant finishes and disaster mitigation.